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Photo of a wave.

Words that rhyme with -ave

List of words that end with a "ave " sound

Photo of an agave attenuata

Ais forAgave

Scientific name: agave attenuata
Agaves are a large genus of plants from Mexico. They are very hardy, with a distinctive spiral of large, pointed leaves. The agave in the picture is one of the most common varieties of agave, agave attenuata.
Photo of a well behaved dog

Bis forBehave

You behave when you act in a way that other people expect you to act, depending on the situation. The puppy in the picture is being well-behaved and is sitting quietly.
Photo of a man being awarded for bravery

Bis forBrave

Someone is brave if they do something that would make other people afraid. The man in the picture is getting an award for bravery.
Photo of a cave

Cis forCave

A cave is a hole in the side of a hill or mountain that is big enough for people or animals to get inside. Many animals, like bears and bats live in caves. Limestone caves are often full of stalactites and stalagmites.
Photo of a concave coin slot

Cis forConcave

A surface is concave if it curves inwards, forming a hollow. The coin slot in the picture is concave. The opposite of concave is convex.
Photo of a gravestone.

Gis forGrave

A grave is somewhere you bury someone when they die. Graves and graveyards, or cemeteries, are usually only set up for people. Pets are usually buried in your backyard when they die. Graves are usually marked with gravestones with the name of the person and when they were born and when they died written on the stone.
Photo of a man shaving his face

Sis forShave

Shaving is removing your hair with a very sharp blade down to the level of your skin so you can't see the hair anymore. Most men shave their chins, some people shave their heads, and other people shave anywhere they don't want hair.
Waves on the surface of the sea or a lake are caused by wind blowing over the surface. The longer the wind has been blowing in the same direction and the deeper the water is, the larger the waves can get. Waves usually only break and make the familiar frothy edge on the wave when they reach the shore. They sometimes break out at sea when they get too steep. Surfers like to surf on breaking waves. The wave in the picture is breaking onto a beach.
Photo of a woman waving
You wave by moving one or both hands backwards and forwards. People wave to say hello or goodbye, or just to get other people's attention.