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Adjectives that start with P

Adjectives that start with P

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.

Pis forPainful

Something is painful if it hurts. The man in the picture is having a a painful injection.
Photo of a girl with pale skin

Pis forPale

Something is pale if it lacks color, or is close to white. The girl in the picture has pale skin. The opposite of pale is dark.
Photo of pastel yarn.

Pis forPastel

Something is pastel if it is a soft, pale color. Pastels are normally used on clothes and bedding for babies.
Photo of a letterbox with many instructions

Pis forPedantic

Someone is pedantic if they are overly concerned with the details of things, or getting things exactly perfect. The owner of this letterbox is pedantic.
Photo of a peeled apple

Pis forPeeled

Something is peeled if it has had its peel or skin removed. Peeled is also the past tense of peel.

Pis forPerfect

Something that is free of flaws and imperfections and cannot be made better in any way is perfect.
Photo of hand prints in cement
Something is permanent if it will last forever, or for a very, very long time. The hand prints made in the concrete in the picture will be there permanently. The opposite of permanent is temporary.
Photo of a pinboard

Pis forPinned

Something is pinned if it is held in place by something, usually by a pin. You can pin something down without pins, for example "her hands were pinned to her sides".
Something is plaintive if it has a sad, mournful tone to it.

Pis forPlucked

Something is plucked if it has had all the hair or feathers pulled out of it. Plucked is also the past tense of pluck.