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Adjectives that start with S

Adjectives that start with S

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.

Sis forSacred

Sacred is a religious word that describes a place or an object that is holy or blessed.

Sis forSaline

A liquid is saline if it contains common salt dissolved into it. Any salty water can be described as saline, but the word is most often used for sterile salty water used for medical purposes. A similar word to saline is brine.

Sis forSame

Two things are the same if they are identical in so many ways it is hard to tell them apart. The two girls in the picture are both wearing the same top. Another word for same is similar, and the opposite is different.

Sis forSandy

Sandy means that something is made up of or covered in sand. Beaches and deserts are often sandy.
Savory bacon.

Sis forSavory

Savory is a flavor category that includes spicy and salty foods. Another word for savory is umami. Bacon has a savory flavor.
Photo of a scared boy

Sis forScared

You are scared or frightened when you are afraid of something. Children are often scared of big dogs or the dark. Many adults are scared of spiders. The boy in the picture is scared and hiding. Not to be confused with scarred.

Sis forScarred

Something is scarred if it has one or more scars on it. When you have some hurt inside that hasn't gone away, you might say you are scarred too, for example "the experience left him badly scarred". Not to be confused with scared.
Photo of scattered acorns
Some things are scattered if they are spread around randomly. The acorns in the picture are scattered all over the ground.

Sis forScruffy

Someone or something is scruffy if they are messy and unkempt. People and animals who are scruffy often look like they need their hair combed.
Photo of charred peppers

Sis forSeared

Something is seared if it is slightly burnt on the outside, by cooking it at a high temperature.