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Adjectives that start with T

Adjectives that start with T

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.

Tis forTall

Something is tall if the top of it is much higher up than the top of similar things. The person wearing the scarf on the left of the picture is taller than the other person in the picture. Giraffes and basketball players are tall. The opposite of tall is short.

Tis forTame

An animal is tame if it is not afraid of people, and is friendly to them. Tame animals generally won't try to hurt people or run away. The opposite of tame is wild, and a similar word to tame is domesticated.
Photo of a tanned man.

Tis forTanned

Someone is tanned if they have been in the sun a lot and their skin has a suntan. Being tanned makes your skin browner and darker than it would be if you haven't been tanned by the sun.
Photo of a tarnished gravy boat

Tis forTarnish

Something made from metal is tarnished if it has a layer of a dull, colored substance on it instead of being bright, shiny and reflective. Tarnish is a different color on different kinds of metal. silver tarnish is black and copper tarnish is green. Some metals do not tarnish, instead they rust, which can eat away all of the metal over time instead of just leaving a thin coating on the surface.

Tis forTedious

Tedious is another word for boring or dull.
Something is temporary if it will only last for a short time. How long a "short time" is depends on the nature of the temporary effect. Some temporary effects may only last a few seconds, some temporary things may last a few years. The temporary toilets in the picture are there while the permanent toilets are being repaired.
Photo of a tenth birthday cake

Tis forTenth

Something is tenth if it is the number ten thing in a list. Tenth comes after ninth.
Photo of tepid tea

Tis forTepid

Something is tepid if it is somewhat warm, but not hot. Another word for tepid is lukewarm.
Photo of a Thai woman dancing

Tis forThai

Thai describes anything related to Thailand, a person from Thailand or the language spoken in Thailand. Not to be confused with thigh.

Tis forThick

Something is thick if it is a larger than normal distance from one side to another. Things like slices of bread are often described as thick. The picture is of some toast with a thick layer of chocolate flavored spread on it. The opposite of thick is thin or sparse.