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List of animals that start with S

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Sables are medium sized animals that are bred and hunted for their fur. They eat berries, small animals, fruit and eggs. They are found in northern Europe.

Photo of a salamander
Photo by Strocchi
Scientific name: Order caudata

Salamanders are amphibians that look somewhat like lizards. They need to live in moist enviroments. Some salamanders live entirely in water, others come out of the water. Their skin is always damp as it produces mucous just like the inside of your mouth does. If you cut the leg off a salamander, it can regrow.

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Photo of salmon
Photo by Avlxyz
Scientific name: family: salmonidae

Salmon are a type of fish that migrates to breed. Salmon live in the sea but return to rivers inland to lay their eggs. Because of this, when they migrate they are a popular food for many animals that live near rivers, like bears.
Salmon are a popular food with people too. Salmon is served canned, smoked, raw or cooked in a huge variety of ways. Salmon has a a distinctive pink colour.

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Photo of a samoyed dog
Photo by Fil & Al

Samoyeds are large, long-haired white dogs from Siberia. They were bred to herd reindeer, to pull sleds and to keep their owners warm at night. They are a very energetic breed and need lots of space and regular exercise or they will get bored and destructive. They are friendly dogs and don't make very good guard dogs. One of their interesting features is they don't have a 'doggy' smell and they don't shed much, so are classed as 'hypoallergenic'.

Photo of Santa Claus
Photo by Matti Mattila

Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas or Kris Kringle. On Christmas eve he visits all the good children of the world and brings them presents.

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Scientific name: sardina pilchardus

Sardines and pilchards are a group of small, oily fish. In some places, a small pilchard is called a sardine and a large sardine is called a pilchard. They can be eaten grilled, pickled or smoked. Sardines are most commonly bought in cans. They are eaten bones and all and are an excellent source of minerals.

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Photo of scallops
Photo by Avlxyz
Scientific name: family: pectinidae

Scallops are a kind of mollusc related to clams and snails. Their shell is in two halves with a hinge joining them. Scallop shells are a very pretty fan-shape.
Scallops can swim by opening and closing their shells. The muscle that holds the two halves of the shell together is the part that is commonly seen cooked for food, as you can see in the picture.

Schnauzers are dogs from Germany with a distinctive hairy moustache - 'schnauzer' is the German word for moustache. They are usually a salt-and-pepper colour, with white and black hairs mixed together. They were originally bred as a rat catcher and guard dog, but there are now three different size breeds - large, standard and miniature. They are friendly, loving dogs and are good with children. They are protective and make excellent guard dogs.

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Photo of a scorpion
Photo by Jon Hendry
Scientific name: order: scorpiones

Scorpions are arachnids found all over the world except for New Zealand. They live in all kinds of areas, from rainforests to deserts and can vary in size from a few centimetres to a few inches long. They are related to the spider. All scorpions are venomous, but only some scorpions are big enough and poisonous enough to kill a person.

Photo of a Scottish Fold
Photo by Tom Thai

Scottish folds are a breed of cat with ears that fold forward and down. They have round faces and large eyes and have sometimes been called the "owl cat". They have a reputation for being very loving, and are good companion cats.

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