Animals starting with V

List of animals that start with V

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Photo of a vampire.
Photo by Derrick Tyson

Vampires are a mythical creature which is said to exist by drinking people's blood. They are said to only come out at night as daylight can destroy them. It is also said they can only be killed by a stake through the heart, or by a silver bullet. A vampire has no reflection, so they cannot be seen in a mirror.

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Viper is a common name for a venomous snake.

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Photo of a virus
Photo by Kat Masback

A virus is a living organism that can only reproduce if it is inside another living thing. Viruses are contagious, and many viruses make you sick. Both plants and animals can catch viruses.
The virus in the picture is influenza, or the flu.

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Photo of a vixen.
Photo by Dana Sibera

A vixen is a female fox.

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Photo of a vulture
Photo by John Haslam
Scientific name: families: accipitridae (aegypiinae) and cathartidae

The vulture is the common name for a large bird from two families of bird. Vultures don't hunt for food, they eat animals that are already dead. Vultures are found all over the world except Antarctica, Australia and its surrounding islands. Vultures are distinctive for having a bald head. They are related to the condor.

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