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Words starting with D

Words that start with D

Dashing dentists daintily eat dates while dancing at the disco.

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Photo of a dust storm
A very windy storm without much rain can blow a lot of dirt up off the ground and into the air. This is called a dust storm. Sometimes there is so much dust in the air you cannot see very far at all.
Photo of a windmill and tulips

Dis forDutch

Something is Dutch if it relates to the Netherlands or Holland. Dutch is also the language spoken in the Netherlands.
Photo of a dwarf

Dis forDwarf

A dwarf is a small person, born with a condition that makes them unusually small. Most dwarves have short arms and legs and facial features that are distinctive. A dwarf of any kind of plant or animal is a smaller variety of that plant or animal. Dwarf forms of animals are often kept as pets.
Photo of red dye

Dis forDye

Dye is a substance that is used to change the color of something else. There are many different things that are used as dyes, and dyes can be used to make a huge variety of different colors. Some dyes are permanent, some are temporary.