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Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Photo of alalone.
Photo by Chinogypsie

An abalone is a very large sea snail. Abalones are a different shape to most snails - they have a wide, flat shell. You can still see the spiral shape in their shell.
Abalones are caught and eaten as food, and their shells are used to make jewellery.

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Absinthe is a very strong liqueur that is made with wormwood and other herbs.

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Photo of a glass of ale
Photo by Jenny Downing

Ale is a similar drink to beer but is darker, heavier and more bitter. In some countries, ale is simply another word for beer.

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Photo of almonds
Photo by Harsha K R
Scientific name: prunus dulcis

The almond is the seed inside the fruit of the almond tree. Almond trees grow up to 10 metres tall. They are related to plums, cherries and apricots. Most people think of almonds as a nut, not the seed of a fruit.
Almonds can be eaten raw or roasted and salted, or used in cooking cakes and puddings.

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Photo of amaranth.
Photo by derek visser
Scientific name: genus: amaranthus

Amaranths are a large group of plants that include some fast-growing weeds. Some varieties of amaranth, particularly the grain amaranth, grow a large crop of highly-nutritious seeds, and are sometimes referred to as the 'crop of the future'.
Some species of amaranth have edible leaves and can be cooked or eaten raw as a salad vegetable.

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Photo of anchovies
Photo by stu_spivack
Scientific name: family: engraulidae

Anchovies are small, oily fish that are usually preserved in brine and matured. This process gives them a very strong flavour. Anchovies are used on pizza, on Caesar salad and as an ingredient in numerous other dishes. They are one of the main ingredients of Worcestershire Sauce.

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Scientific name: pimpinella anisum

Anise or aniseed is a small plant related to fennel and celery. It is grown for its seeds, which have a similar taste to liquorice. It is a different plant to star anise.

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Photo of an apple.
Photo by Dan Foy
Scientific name: malus domestica

The apple is the fruit of the apple tree. Apple trees are small deciduous trees growing to around 5-12 metres high. Apples may be red, yellow or green. You can eat all of the apple except the core in the middle, which is full of seeds.

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Photo of apricots
Photo by Kathy Kimpel
Scientific name: prunus armeniaca

The apricot is a small, soft, sweet orange fruit closely related to the plum. You can eat the fruit fresh or dried, and apricots can also be made into jam.

Photo of globe artichokes
Photo by Pizzodisevo
Scientific name: cynara cardunculus

Globe artichokes are a type of thistle. The edible part of the artichoke is the young flowerbud. Artichokes are usually boiled in salted water until they are tender. In some countries they are deep fried.

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