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Food starting with M

Food that starts with M

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.
Scientific name: genus: macadamia
Macadamias are medium sized evergreen trees native to the northern parts of Australia. Not all macadamia trees have edible seeds, only macadamia integrifolia and macadamia tetraphylla are cultivated. The others have toxic seeds. The macadamias that people eat are toxic to dogs, and can temporarily paralyze them.
Photo of malted barley

Mis forMalt

Malting is a process applied to grains like wheat but is usually done to barley. Malting involves soaking the grains long enough to make them sprout, and then drying the grains out in a kiln. Sprouted grain is very high in a sugar called maltose. Malted grain is used to make beer and whiskey. Malt is quite often added to milk drinks.
Photo of mandarin fruit

Mis forMandarin

Scientific name: citrus reticulata
A mandarin is a small citrus fruit related to the orange. The skin on a mandarin is very easy to remove, and the inside of the fruit is very easy to break up into segments. Because of this, they are not very messy to eat and are excellent to take to school in a lunchbox.
Photo of mango fruit

Mis forMango

Scientific name: mangifera indica
Mangoes are a medium sized, sweet fruit native to India. Mangoes grow on a tree in tropical areas. Mango trees can live to be 300 years old. Mangoes are soft, and have bright orange flesh. Mangoes can be eaten fresh, dried, in salads and pulped for juice. Mangoes can also be picked underripe and used to make chutney or other dishes.
Photo of a bottle of maple syrup
Maple syrup is a thick, sweet liquid made from the sap of maple trees. It is usually eaten poured on waffles or pancakes.
Photo of a tub of margarine.
Margarine is a butter substitute. It is made from fats, oils, milk solids, water and yellow food coloring. Without the coloring, margarine is almost white.
Photo of some marinade

Mis forMarinade

A marinade is the liquid used to marinate food. soy sauce is a popular marinade.
Photo of marinating chicken wings

Mis forMarinate

Marinating is the process of soaking food in a flavored liquid called a marinade before it is cooked. Meat is often marinated, but vegetables can be marinated too. Marinades are often acidic, which helps soften meat that is a bit tough.
Photo of jars of marmalade
Marmalade is a way of preserving citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Marmalade made in the same way as jam, but jam is a name for preserved fruits that are not citrus.
Scientific name: genus: cucurbita
A marrow is another name for a vegetable in the squash family. Marrows come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes.