Photo of a rooster.


List of male terms.

Men, stallions, roosters and rams - they're all here.

Bloke is an English or Australian slang word for man, particularly an ordinary man.

Photo of a little boy
Photo by David Kessler

Your brother is a boy who has the same mother or father as you do.

Photo of a buck antelope
Photo by Koshy Koshy

The male of several different animals is called a buck, including some kinds of deer, antelope and goats.
You may also be interested in a horse's buck.

Photo of a bull.
Photo by Candie_N

A bull is a male cow. The meat from a cow is called beef. Bulls do not give milk.

Photo of a male swan
Photo by John Clouston

A male swan is called a cob.

Photo of a cock pheasant.
Photo by Andy Roberts

Most male birds are called cocks. Sometimes the word is in the common name of the bird, such as the peacock. Male birds tend to have much brighter coloured feathers than female birds, or hens.

Photo of a colt
Photo by Carine06

A colt is a young male horse, generally one under four years old. The colt in the picture is one year old.

Photo of a drake.
Photo by RenaudPhoto

A drake is a male duck.

Photo of a father and son
Photo by Dariuszka

Your father is your male parent. Your father is usually the man who is married to (or lives with) your mother, but sometimes people's fathers do not live with their mothers.