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Words starting with N

Words that start with N

Nine naughty newts gnaw on Nellie's necklace in New York.

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Photo of a birds nest

Nis forNest

Birds build nests to lay their eggs in. Nests are usually made from sticks and lined with feathers and anything soft that the bird can find, such as threads from clothes and even cobwebs. Some birds make nests out of mud.
Photo of a net

Nis forNet

A net is a type of fabric woven into a grid of large holes. Nets are designed to let small things or liquids go through, and catch larger things. Nets are very commonly used to catch fish and butterflies, and to keep birds away from fruit trees.

Nis forNettle

Scientific name: urtica dioica
Nettles are a common plant that has stinging hairs on the stems and under the leaves. The hairs have an acidic poison on them, which is why they sting. You should try to avoid touching nettles with your bare skin.
A newspaper is a kind of large, unbound book that is printed every day on cheap paper. The newspaper usually has the day's news, advertising, things for sale, the state of the financial markets, sports results and anything else that has happened that is interesting enough to write about.
Photo of a newt

Nis forNewt

Scientific name: family salamandridae, subfamily pleurodelinae
Newts are a member of the salamander family. Newts have three stages as they grow - larval, juvenile and adult.
Photo of a pen nib

Nis forNib

A nib is the part of the pen that you put onto paper to write or draw with.
A nickel is the slang name for a coin from America or Canada, equivalent to one twentieth of a dollar, or five cents.
Photo of nickel
Scientific name: Ni
Nickel is a common, reasonably corrosion-resistant metal that is widely used. It is a silver color with a slight hint of gold. Nickel is used to plate other metals, to make coins from, and as part of alloys such as stainless steel.

Nis forNiece

Your niece is the daughter of your brother or sister.

Nis forNight

It is night time when it is dark outside. You usually go to sleep at night. A lot of animals sleep during the day and come out at night, like the owl. The opposite of night is day.