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Photo of a hay bale

Words that rhyme with -ay

List of words that end with a "ay " sound

Eis forEspalier

Espalier is a pruning technique that shapes plants into a flat growth pattern, usually against a wall or fence. Espaliered trees take up a lot less space than trees left to grow naturally, so it is a popular technique in small gardens.
An essay.

Eis forEssay

An essay is short piece of writing on a subject.
An engaged couple call one another fiance.

Fis forFiance

Fiance is a word used to describe someone you're engaged to marry. Fiance is the step above boyfriend or girlfriend and below husband or wife.
Photo of fraying fabric

Fis forFray

Fabric frays when it starts to come undone, and starts to turn back into the individual strands it was made from. A fray is also a battle or fight, and is often used as a turn of phrase when you are about to go into the middle of some activity, eg "he stepped into the fray".
Photo of a freeway

Fis forFreeway

A freeway is a very large road that can fit a lot of cars on it at the same time. Freeways are meant to be driven on quite fast.

Fis forFriday

Friday is the fifth day of the week. For most people, it is the last day of the working week. The day before Friday is Thursday and the day after Friday is Saturday.

Gis forGourmet

Gourmet describes exceptionally good food that requires a lot of skill and preparation to make. Fancy restuarants serve gourmet food.
Photo of a grey cat

Gis forGrey

Grey (also spelt gray) is the colour of weathered rocks and concrete paths. The colour grey can be made by mixing black and white paint. The cat in the picture is grey.
Photo of a hallway

His forHallway

A hallway is a corridor in a house, usually in the center of the house with rooms opening off it on either side.
Photo of a bale of hay

His forHay

Hay is dried grass or other crops that has been stored to be fed to animals. Hay usually has the seed heads of the grass in it as well as just the stems and leaves. Hay is different to straw.