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Photo of a hay bale

Words that rhyme with -ay

List of words that end with a "ay " sound

Bis forBray

Bray is the name given to the noise a donkey makes.

Cis forCafe

A cafe is a small restaurant that typically serves coffee, pastries, sandwiches and food that is able to be served quickly.

Cis forChalet

A chalet is a house with overhanging eaves designed to clear snow off the roof. Chalets are often found in the Swiss alps.

Cis forClay

Clay is a special kind of mud that is just the right texture to make things out of. You can make sculptures, bricks and pavers out of clay, but most people make cups, vases and plates out of clay. Someone who makes plates out of clay for a living is called a potter.
Photo of a crocheted rug

Cis forCrochet

Crochet is a way of making cloth out of loops of yarn using a small hook. Crochet is different to knitting as there is only ever one loop at a time, while knitting has many loops along the knitting needle.
Photo of croquet

Cis forCroquet

Croquet is a lawn game, which involves hitting a ball through hoops stuck into the grass with a mallet. There are many different variations on the rules for croquet, with the simplest being that the person who knocks the ball through all the hoops with the fewest number of hits wins.
Photo of a dapple grey horse.
A dapple grey horse has white spots surrounded by dark hair, making an attractive pattern. Young horses that are dapple grey often slowly turn white.

Dis forDay

Day might refer to the time when the sun is up, for example, "my cat sleeps all day", or it might mean an entire 24 hour period, usually counted starting from midnight. The opposite of day is night.
Photo of decay

Dis forDecay

Something is decaying if it is slowly rotting or otherwise degrading and breaking down. A civilization that is declining may be said to be in decay, for example, "the decay of the Roman empire".

Dis forDisobey

You disobey when you deliberately don't do what you are told. The photo is of someone parking in front of a no parking sign, and some rubbish dumped in front of a no dumping sign. The opposite of disobey is obey.