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Photo of children swimming.

Words that rhyme with -im

List of words that end with a "im " sound

Photo of the brim of a hat

Bis forBrim

The brim of a hat is the horizontal edge that sticks out around the hat and shades your face from the sun. The brim of a glass or bucket is the top edge, or rim. When a glass is full right to the very top it is said to be full to the brim.
Photo of some dim lights

Dis forDim

A light is described as dim if it is not very bright. A room that is only dimly lit is also described as dim. The lights in the picture are dim. The opposite of dim is well lit or bright.
Photo of women singing hymns

His forHymn

A hymn is a special kind of song that is sung about or in praise of a deity or a country.

Lis forLimb

Limbs are your arms and legs. A bird's wings are called limbs, and large branches on a tree are also called limbs.
Photo of Muslim women

Mis forMuslim

Muslim describes anything related to the religion of Islam.
Photo of the rim of a glass

Ris forRim

A rim is the very edge of something, usually something round like a cup or a wheel. When it is the topmost edge rather than the outer edge, it is also called the brim.

Sis forSlim

Slim is another word for thin, slender, or small. Slim is the opposite of fat.
Photo of some children swimming

Sis forSwim

Swimming is a way of moving when you are in the water, using your arms and legs to push you fowards. There are many different ways of swimming, with names like breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and the one that most children start with - dog paddle! You can use the word swim as a noun, as in "I am going for a swim".
Photo of a top with lace trim

Tis forTrim

Trim might mean: Some kind of decoration, particularly around the edge of something, or To tidy up or remove the excess from something, particularly around the edges, for example trimming a hedge. The girl in the photo is wearing a top with lace trim.