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Verbs that start with C

Verbs that start with C

Verbs are things you do. Action words!

Cis forCall

You call someone when you try and get them to hear you from a long way away. You might call out by making your voice louder, or you might use a device like a phone to call them.
Photo of a capsized boat

Cis forCapsize

A boat is capsized when it has flipped upside down or onto its side, and can't be sailed until it is righted.
Photo of two men carrying bags

Cis forCarry

You carry something when you lift it off the ground and move it to somewhere else. The two men in the picture are both carrying two blue bags each.

Cis forCarve

You carve something by taking a large piece of it and slowly removing small pieces until you have the shape you want. The most common things that are used to carve other shapes from are wood and stone. The man in the picture is carving a design into a piece of wood.
Photo of a boy catching a ball

Cis forCatch

You catch something when it is flying through the air towards you and you grab it with your hands. Dogs can catch things like balls and frisbees in their mouths.
Photo of charred peppers

Cis forChar

You char something by burning it slightly, so it becomes charred.
Photo of two dogs chasing a frisbee

Cis forChase

To chase is to run after someone or something to try to catch it. The two dogs in the picture are chasing a frisbee.
Photo of a man checking his bag

Cis forCheck

Check means to restrain or hold back. It can also mean to inspect something. The man in the picture is checking in his bag to see if he has forgotten anything. It might also mean a kind of repeating pattern. Check is also another spelling of cheque.

Cis forChew

Chewing is when you put food in your mouth and keep pressing or grinding it between your teeth until it is soft and mushy enough to swallow. People and animals will chew a lot of things that aren't food though. Some people chew their fingernails, or the ends of pens and pencils. Dogs will chew your shoes and furniture so it is good to get them a chew toy like in the picture.
Photo of some cakes

Cis forChoose

You choose something when you pick it from several different options. For example, if you are asked to choose a cake from the selection in the picture, you might choose the chocolate one.