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Verbs that start with H

Verbs that start with H

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a grapefruit cut in half

His forHalve

When you break something into two roughly equal-sized pieces, you halve it.
Photo of a hanging wind chime

His forHang

Something is hanging if it is attached to something at the top but can swing freely under it. You hang out laundry using pegs to attach them, and bats hang upside down by their feet when they sleep. If something is hanging very loosely and is wobbling around, it is usually called dangling.
Photo of men harvesting grapes

His forHarvest

You harvest a crop when it is ripe by picking off all the ripe fruit, grain or leaves. The name given to a large amount of a crop that you have just harvested is also called a harvest.
Photo of a baby chick hatching
Birds, fish, most insects and most reptiles lay eggs, as do monotremes. Fertilised eggs have a baby creature growing inside them, and when it has finished growing as much as it can inside the egg it breaks through the outside of the egg and comes out. This process is called hatching.

His forHeave

You heave when you put a lot of effort into pulling or raising something. The sailor in the picture is heaving a rope.
Photo of a man helping a toddler up some steps

His forHelp

You help someone when you give them what they need. You might help someone with their homework, or help someone build a fort. The man in the picture is helping the toddler climb the stairs. A similar word to help is assist.

His forHide

You hide when you don't want anyone to know where you are. A game where you take turns hiding and looking for other people is called hide and seek or hide and go seek. The cat in the picture is hiding inside the rolled up mat.

His forHike

A hike is a long walk, usually through fairly remote or wilderness areas. The person in the picture has hiked to the top of a mountain.
Photo of bikes for hire

His forHire

You hire something or someone when you pay some money for them for a time. People are generally hired to work for you or to complete a particular task. When you hire something, you hire it to use it for a while and then you return it to where you hired it from. The picture is of some bicycles for hire.

His forHit

You hit something when you connect with it, hard. Some examples are hitting a nail with a hammer, hitting a ball with a bat or hitting a target with an arrow.