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Photo of some pork chops

Types of meat

Different kinds of meats, from fresh to processed.

Photo of bacon being fried

Bis forBacon

Bacon is made from the meat of a pig. It is cured and smoked, and then sliced into thin strips. The part of the pig the bacon is taken from depends on what part of the world the bacon is made in. In America, the belly is used, and in Australia and the UK the back is used. Bacon is most often eaten with eggs for breakfast.

Bis forBeef

Beef is meat from cattle that have been raised especially to be killed for food.

His forHam

Ham is a type of preserved pig meat. In Italy it is called prosciutto. Ham is usually sold sliced, for people to use in sandwiches. At Christmas you can often buy ham on the bone to slice up yourself for Christmas dinner. Ham and pineapple pizza is a very common food with ham in it.

Mis forMeat

Meat is the flesh of any animal that is used for food. The animals that are most commonly used for food are cows, pigs and sheep. Meat can also be used to refer to the edible part of something, like the meat of a nut.

Mis forMince

Minced meat, or ground meat, is meat that has been cut into very small pieces by a mincing machine. Meat is not the only thing that can be minced, but is prepared this way so often that it can be referred to just as mince alone.
Photo of pork.

Pis forPork

Pork is any meat that comes from a pig. Some cuts and ways of preparing pork are used so often they have their own names. Two of these are ham and bacon.
Photo of sausages

Sis forSausage

A sausage is a long, thin meat product. They are made from a mixture of minced meat, cereals (often just breadcrumbs) and spices, in a thin casing to keep them in shape. The filling in a hotdog is a type of sausage. Sausages are usually eaten fried, grilled or BBQ'ed, with mashed potato, but there are lots of other ways to eat them. Sausages come in lots of different flavours and sizes. How many different types of sausage have you tried?
Photo of steak

Sis forSteak

Steak is a cut of meat, from any animal or fish. The best cuts of steak are quite tender. Steak is usually served grilled, with vegetables or salad.
Photo of cooked veal

Vis forVeal

Veal is meat from a young cow, generally a milk-fed one that is less than three months old.