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Photo of snakes.

Words that rhyme with -ake

List of words that end with a "ake " sound

Photo of a woman with a headache

Ais forAche

An ache is a dull pain that can take a long time to go away.

Ais forAwake

You are awake when you are not asleep. When you are awake, usually your eyes are open and you can move around.
Photo of muffins baking

Bis forBake

Baking is a way of cooking food with dry heat, usually inside an oven. Baking is very similar to roasting, but generally bread and cakes are baked and meat and vegetables are roasted.
Photo of someone breaking an egg

Bis forBreak

You break something when you damage it or split it into many pieces violently or with a lot of force. The woman in the picture is breaking an egg.
Photo of a birthday cake.

Cis forCake

A cake is a kind of sweet, baked food. Cakes can be made with all sorts of different ingredients, such as fruit and nuts. The cake in the picture has been decorated with candles, for someone's birthday. There is usually one candle for every year the person has lived.
Photo of a drake.

Dis forDrake

A drake is a male duck.
Photo of an earthquake
An earthquake is a sudden release of energy under the Earth's surface, like a sudden cracking along a fault line. Earthquakes can sometimes be caused by volcanoes. Earthquakes can cause severe shaking of the ground, which makes building buildings fall down and roads and bridges to crack and break.
Photo of some fake flowers.

Fis forFake

Something is fake if it is not real or genuine. Some fakes are a copy or imitation of the original, like a forgery of a painting or counterfeit money. Many fake things pretend to be real, like mock or fake fur made from polyester instead of real fur made from animal skins. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between something real and something fake without examining it closely, such as a gold-plated ring and a solid gold ring. The flowers in the picture are fake. Most fakes and imitations are considered to be much less valuable than the real thing.
Photo of a flake of granite

Fis forFlake

A flake is a small, flat and very thin piece of something. The picture is of a small flake of granite. Some foods, like pastry, break into flakes very easily. They are described as flakey.
A hake dish.

His forHake

Hake is a fish that is similar in taste and texture to cod.