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Photo of a wheel.

Words that rhyme with -eel

List of words that end with a "eel " sound

Photo of a blue vehicle
An automobile is simply an old-fashioned or formal name for a car.
Photo of some people doing cartwheels
A cartwheel is a gymnastic move where you go over sideways onto your hands and keep turning around like the wheel of a cart. Cartwheels are great fun to do on the beach or on a lawn.

Eis forEel

Scientific name: order: anguilliformes
An eel is a long, thin fish. Instead of having separate small fins on their back end like other fish, they have one big long fin that goes all the way around their long tail. Eels eat other fish.
A ferris wheel is a fairground ride shaped like a large wheel. It has lots of seats hanging around the edges that people can sit in. Ferris wheels are really big and go really high, so the view from the top can be spectacular.

His forHeal

You heal when you have an injury or disease and it gets better. The man in the picture has hurt his hand some time ago and now it is healing.

His forHeel

Your heel is the back, bottom part of your foot. Most of your weight is supported by your heels. The woman in the photo is wearing high-heeled shoes. The bottom, back part of a shoe is also called the heel.
Photo of a girl kneeling

Kis forKneel

When you sit down low on your knees, you are kneeling.

Mis forMeal

A meal is a substantial amount of food eaten at a particular time of the day. The traditional main meals of the day are breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Photo of a bowl of porridge

Ois forOatmeal

Oatmeal is a porridge made from oats, or a word for ground-up oats that you can use in cooking.

Pis forPeel

The outermost layer of fruit or vegetables is called the peel. Some fruits and vegetables have a soft peel that you can eat, but many have a hard or bitter peel. For most fruits and vegetables you use a peeler to remove the peel, but some fruits like bananas and mandarins have peels that are easy to remove with just your fingers. You can peel anything that has a removable outer layer, not just food, but the term is most often used in relation to fruit and vegetables.