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Photo of a bridge

Words that rhyme with -idge

List of words that end with a "idge " sound

Bis forBridge

A bridge is a structure that goes over the top of something impassable so people or vehicles can get across. Bridges are usually built over chasms, rivers or other narrow bodies of water, like the narrow part of a lake or an inlet of the sea.
Photo of a refrigerator

Fis forFridge

A fridge is a short form of the word refrigerator.
Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate bridge is a suspension bridge in San Francisco. It spans 1.7miles, or 2.7 kilometers.
Photo of a parcel wrapped in brown paper

Pis forPackage

A package is another word for a parcel.
Photo of a bowl of porridge

Pis forPorridge

Porridge is a meal made from grain cooked in milk or water and served hot. It is usually made from oats, but can be made from any grain. People eat porridge for breakfast. Sometimes porridge is called oatmeal.
Photo of a ridge

Ris forRidge

A ridge is a group of mountains or hills that are joined together to make a line rather than being a series of separate peaks. A ridge might also be any other raised line, like the center of an animal's back.
Photo of sausages

Sis forSausage

A sausage is a long, thin meat product. They are made from a mixture of minced meat, cereals (often just breadcrumbs) and spices, in a thin casing to keep them in shape. The filling in a hotdog is a type of sausage. Sausages are usually eaten fried, grilled or BBQ'ed, with mashed potato, but there are lots of other ways to eat them. Sausages come in lots of different flavours and sizes. How many different types of sausage have you tried?