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Photo of wind

Words that rhyme with -ind

List of words that end with a "ind " sound

Photo of a tiger hiding behind a tree

Bis forBehind

Something is behind you if you cannot see it - your back is facing it rather than your front. The tiger in the picture is behind a tree.
Photo of a book binding

Bis forBind

Binding is a way of holding two or more things together, usually by tying or wrapping. Book pages are bound together down one edge to form a book.

Bis forBlind

A person or animal is blind if they cannot see. People who are blind can still live very full lives. They can read books written in braille and can travel around with the help of a white cane or a seeing eye dog.

Dis forDined

Dined is the past tense of dine, for example "we dined on lobster last night".
Photo of a little girl looking for shells

Fis forFind

You find something if you simply stumble upon it by chance, or you are actively looking for it until you find it. The little girl in the picture is looking for shells.
Photo of a mortar and pestle

Gis forGrind

You grind something by breaking parts of it off with friction. Metal or wood can be ground down by running a very rough surface over it, such as a grinding disc or sandpaper. Grinding will gradually change the shape of the thing being ground as the outer layer is removed. You grind herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle by crushing them against the inside of the bowl.

His forHind

The hind parts of something are at the back or rear. In animals, you might describe them as having hind legs or hindquarters.

Mis forMankind

Mankind is a word used to describe all of the people of the world.

Mis forMined

Mined is the past tense of mine. For example, "the copper was mined here".
Photo of someone eating watermelon

Ris forRind

The rind of a fruit is the hard outer layer that you can't eat. Fruits like watermelon and oranges have rinds.