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Photo of a sign that says Yes

List of adverbs

Words that add extra meaning to verbs, adjectives or other adverbs.

Photo of a road sign that says road work ahead

Ais forAhead

Something is ahead of you if it is in front, or perhaps in the future. For example, "you are getting too far ahead of me" or "my schedule is running ahead of time".

Ais forAlike

Alike is when some things are all very similar. The two girls in the picture are dressed alike.
Photo of a clock
Anticlockwise, or counterclockwise is a circular direction around a central point, in the opposite direction to the way the hands on a clock turn. Anticlockwise goes towards the left.
Photo of a dog wearing a scarf

Ais forAround

Around is in a circular way. The dog in the picture has a scarf around his neck.

Ais forAway

Something is away from you if it is a distance from you, or is being removed from you. The man in the picture is walking away. Parents often take toys away from children as a punishment.
Photo of a tiger hiding behind a tree

Bis forBehind

Something is behind you if you cannot see it - your back is facing it rather than your front. The tiger in the picture is behind a tree.
Photo of a clock
Clockwise is a circular direction around a central point, the same way the hands on a clock turn. Clockwise goes towards the right.
Photo of a you are here sign

His forHere

Here is the place that you currently are. If you want someone to come to you, you might call out "come here!"

Iis forIn

Something is in something else if it is contained in it somehow. The cat in the picture is going in the box. The opposite of in is out.

Nis forNo

No is a word with a negative meaning. It might mean you do not want something, or that there is none of something. For example "No, I don't want to wear that dress" or "there are no ducks at the pond today". The opposite of no is yes.