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Photo of sushi

Words that rhyme with -he

List of words that end with a "he " sound


Bis forBangui

Bangui is the capital city of the Central African Republic. The population of Bangui is 734,350 people.

Bis forBanshee

A banshee is a female spirit or ghost who wails to signal the death of someone.

Bis forBuoy

A buoy (pronounced boo-ee) is a brightly colored floating marker that is anchored in place in the water. Buoys can be used to mark where deeper water is in a harbor so ships can safely navigate through.

His forHawaii

Hawaii, abbreviated to HI, is the only state in the United States of America made up only of islands. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu.

His forHealthy

You are healthy if you are in a state of good health. Healthy people and animals are in good condition, and are not sick or injured. Healthy food is food that is good for you, and helps you to stay healthy.
Photo of a baby kangaroo

Jis forJoey

A joey is a baby kangaroo.

Kis forKiwi

Scientific name: apteryx mantelli
Kiwi are flightless birds from New Zealand. They are around the size of a chicken, and for their body size they lay the largest egg. The kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand. Not to be confused with the kiwi fruit.
Photo of a Mitsubishi badge
Mitsubishi is a car maker that is based in Japan.
Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. It has a population of around 150,000.
Photo of sushi

Sis forSushi

Sushi is a type of Japanese food made from vinegared rice served with toppings, or wrapped into a roll. The toppings can include raw or cooked fish and other seafood, fresh or pickled vegetables, and seaweed to wrap rolled sushi together.