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Photo of a kitten

List of baby animals

Baby animals, in all forms of cuteness and fluffiness.

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Photo of a baby
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Bis forBaby

A baby is a very young person. Babies are small and helpless, and can't walk or talk. When babies get a little bit older, they move around by crawling on their hands and knees.
Photo of a baby dolphin
A baby dolphin is called a calf.
Photo of a calf
A calf is a baby cow. Many other baby animals are also called calves.
Photo of baby chicks

Cis forChick

Most baby birds are called chicks. The chicks in the picture are wren chicks.
Photo of a baby llama

Cis forCria

A baby llama is called a cria.
Photo of a bear cub

Cis forCub

A baby bear, lion or tiger is called a cub.

Cis forCygnet

A cygnet is a baby swan.
Photo of a duckling.

Dis forDuckling

A duckling is a baby duck.
Photo of a doe and fawn.

Fis forFawn

A fawn is a baby deer.
A baby donkey is called a foal.