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Photo of a chain link

Parts of other things

Things that are parts of something else.

Ais forApex

The apex of something is its highest point. Similar words to apex are vertex or summit.
Photo of assorted beads.

Bis forBead

A bead is a small, pretty object with a hole through the middle so that many beads can be threaded together to make a chain. Beads can be made of clay, glass, wood, shells, stone, nuts or in fact anything that looks good and might be nice strung together. Beads are usually strung into necklaces or bracelets.
Photo of the brim of a hat

Bis forBrim

The brim of a hat is the horizontal edge that sticks out around the hat and shades your face from the sun. The brim of a glass or bucket is the top edge, or rim. When a glass is full right to the very top it is said to be full to the brim.
Photo of cells

Cis forCell

A cell is the building block of life. All living organisms are made up of cells. The simplest organisms, like bacteria only have one cell, while larger creatures like trees and animals are made up of millions of cells. Different types of cell in your body do different things. For example, there are special cells that make your bones and your brain that aren't very much alike, but are both types of cells.
Photo of poker chips

Cis forChip

A chip is a small piece of something, most commonly a piece of potato, deep fried to make potato chips. A chip is used in gambling to represent money.

Cis forClove

A clove is a segment of a bulb, found on some kinds of plants such as garlic. For the spice of the same name, see cloves.

Cis forCog

Cogs are the small "teeth" around the edges of gears. Cogs allow the gears to grip onto each other as they turn around.
Photo of frogs in a corner

Cis forCorner

Corners are where two or more surfaces or lines meet, usually at right angles. A square has four corners, a cube has six, and a circle has none. The frogs are hiding in the corner of their tank.
Photo of crumbs on a plate

Cis forCrumb

Crumbs are small pieces of food. They usually break off from something crumbly, like bread or cake.
Photo of some shirt cuffs

Cis forCuff

A cuff is a part of your clothing or a piece of jewelry or a restraint that goes around your wrist.