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Photo of an apple.

Words that rhyme with -ple

List of words that end with a "ple " sound

Photo of an apple.
Scientific name: malus domestica
The apple is the fruit of the apple tree. Apple trees are small deciduous trees growing to around 5-12 metres high. Apples may be red, yellow or green. You can eat all of the apple except the core in the middle, which is full of seeds.
Photo of the Apple logo
Apple is a corporation that develops and sells consumer electronics such as iPods and iPads.
Photo of dappled shade

Dis forDappled

Something is dappled when it has patches of a darker or lighter shade of color. Some horses are dapple grey.

Dis forDimple

A dimple is a dent somewhere on a person or animal. Dimples are most commonly seen on people's cheeks.
Photo of a maple tree

Mis forMaple

Scientific name: genus: acer
Maples are a group of deciduous trees and shrubs. They are very pretty trees, and are grown in gardens as a decorative tree or shrub, and are also used for bonsai. One type of maple, the sugar maple, has sweet sap that can be boiled to make maple syrup. It takes about 40 litres of sugar maple sap to make a litre of syrup.

Ois forOpal

Opal is not a true mineral, but a crystalline gel made up of spheres of silicon dioxide and water. The pattern of the spheres makes opal refract light into lots of different colours, with blue and green being the most common. Opal is used often in jewelry, and is the national stone of Australia.
Photo of a teenager with pimples

Pis forPimple

A pimple is a small raised, often inflamed spot on your skin. Teenagers often have pimples on their faces.
Scientific name: ananas comosus
Pineapples are a type of very sweet tropical fruit. Pineapples are eaten fresh, used in desserts, cakes and their juice is used in many drinks. You need to take off the prickly outside of the fruit before you can eat it. Pineapple flowers are most often pollinated by the hummingbird.
Photo of a principal in an office
A principal is someone who runs a school, doing more administrative work than teaching. In some countries, a principal is called a headmaster or headmistress.

Pis forPurple

Purple is the colour of some flowers and fruits. The colour purple can be made by mixing blue and red paint. The flower in the picture is purple.