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Photo of a woman wearing a mortarboard.

List of education words

Words to do with education and learning.

Photo of a man writing on a blackboard
A blackboard, or chalkboard, is a surface you can write on in chalk. Blackboards are usually used in classrooms or to write menus in restaurants.
A classroom is a room in a school where students come to learn things.
Photo of a university campus

Cis forCollege

A college is a place of higher learning, similar to a university.
Photo of an enrollment sign

Eis forEnroll

You enroll in something when you are added to a list, or roll. Enrolling is usually used to mean signing up for some kind of course of education at a school or university.
An exam.

Eis forExam

Exam is an abbreviation of the word examination. An examination is a test or investigation of something. At school, you may take exams to test your knowledge. A doctor may give you a physical exam to check your health.
Photo of a woman wearing a mortarboard.
A mortarboard is the headgear traditionally worn at graduation ceremonies.
Photo of a principal in an office
A principal is someone who runs a school, doing more administrative work than teaching. In some countries, a principal is called a headmaster or headmistress.

Sis forSchool

A school is a place you go to to learn things, like how to read and how to write. School is a very important time in your life. You will meet friends you might have for many, many years, and you will learn all the things you need to know as an adult.
Photo of schoolgirls in uniform

Sis forStudent

A student is anyone who is actively learning something, usually by attending a school, college or university.
Photo of students studying

Sis forStudy

You study for something when you learn about it as much as you can, usually to prepare for something like an exam or writing an essay.