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Photo of a pink car.

List of colors

The colors of the rainbow, and a few that aren't in the rainbow to balance things out.

Photo of a building painted cyan.

Ais forAqua

Something is aqua if it is a bright blue-green. It might also be called cyan.
Photo of a woman wearing beige

Bis forBeige

Beige is a word that can be used to describe any color ranging through cream, off-white to light brown. In general, it means a light greyish-brown. It is an extremely popular color to paint the walls inside houses. Beige can be another word for boring, as in "he has a beige personality".
Photo of a black swan.

Bis forBlack

Black is the colour of the night sky or the deepest, darkest shadow. The swan in the picture is black.
Photo of a cat with blue eyes

Bis forBlue

Blue is the colour of the sky on a clear day. It is a primary colour, which means blue paint can be used to make other colours but you can't use any other colours to make blue paint. The cat in the picture has blue eyes.
Photo of a brown horse

Bis forBrown

Many animals are brown, and dirt is brown. The colour brown can be made by mixing a few other colours of paint together without thinking, you'll usually get brown this way! The horse in the picture is brown.
Photo of cubes of caramel

Cis forCaramel

Caramel is a word for a mid-brown colour as well as a food. Caramel is made by heating sugar until it melts and changes colour. Caramel has a disctinctive flavour and is used in a lot of desserts like puddings and cakes, and is also used in lots of sweets and candies.
Photo of colored pencils

Cis forColor

Color, also spelt colour, is something that makes things look different from each other. There are lots of different colors - you can see the primary colors in the rainbow.

Cis forCream

Cream is a fatty part of milk that floats to the top of fresh milk. Cream is thick and white or slightly yellow and is delicious on fruit, hot drinks, pancakes and many desserts. Cream is also the name for a yellowish-white color.
Photo of a crimson flower

Cis forCrimson

Crimson is a deep red at the purple end of the red spectrum. People usually just use crimson as another word for red.
Photo of a building painted cyan.

Cis forCyan

Cyan is a bright, blue-green colour. Cyan is also called aqua.