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Words that rhyme with -doh

List of words that end with a "doh " sound

Photo of avocado fruit

Ais forAvocado

Scientific name: persea americana
The avocado is the fruit of a tree native to south and central America. It prefers to grow in tropical areas. Avocados are much higher in fat than other fruits. The avocado has a big seed inside it, and a hard skin, so you can only eat the soft flesh in between. Their flesh is yellow to green, and has a texture that is a little like butter, hence one of their common names of "butter fruit". The flesh of the avocado can be spread on bread or crackers, or the flesh can be diced and used as an ingredient in salads.
Photo of Mount Sopris

Cis forColorado

Colorado, abbreviated to CO, is a state in the central United States of America. The capital of Colorado is Denver.
Photo of a doe

Dis forDoe

A doe is a female deer.

Dis forDough

Dough is a soft substance made mostly from flour mixed with things like butter, water, eggs or milk. Dough is what things like bread and pastries are made from before they are cooked and can be eaten.
Photo of eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is coloring that you put around your eyes, particularly on your upper eyelid.

Pis forPeridot

Peridot is gem-quality olivine. Olivine is quite common but peridot is rare, so peridot is considered a precious gem.
Photo of a shadow

Sis forShadow

When you stand in front of a light like the sun, some of the light hits you and some of the light goes past you. Where you are in the way between the sun and the ground, there will be a shadow. A shadow is just somewhere there is less light than there is around it. Shadows are the same shape as whatever is blocking the light. Shadows change size and shape depending on how high or low the light is. Shadows are darker and clearer when the light is strong and coming from only one direction. You can make shadow puppets with your hands or some cut-out shapes, a light and a wall.

Tis forTornado

A tornado is a kind of extreme weather where a thin, rotating column of air is created. Tornados can be seen all over the world but are most common in the United States. Tornados can be very dangerous, and can destroy houses and crops and kill farm animals.
Photo of a tuxedo

Tis forTuxedo

A tuxedo is something a man or boy wears to a black tie event, like a formal social occasion or evening out. A tuxedo is usually black, with a white shirt, and often worn with a bow tie rather than an ordinary tie you'd wear with an ordinary suit.

Wis forWidow

A widow is a married woman whose husband has died.