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Photo of a crow

Words that rhyme with -row

List of words that end with a "row " sound

Ais forAfro

An afro is a hairstyle that you get if you have very tightly curled hair, and you let it grow out naturally.
Photo of cut-out arrows

Ais forArrow

An arrow is a projectile that is fired from a bow. Arrows have a pointed end that is used to pierce things. An arrow is also any shape that looks like the arrow projectile. Arrows are used to point somewhere, or tell you which direction to go.
Photo of a woman borrowing some books

Bis forBorrow

You borrow something when you take it from someone else with their permission and return it to them when you have finished with it. People often borrow books from a library.
Photo of a burrow

Bis forBurrow

A burrow is a hole in the ground that animals like foxes and badgers dig as homes for themselves. Burrowing can also be used as a verb, as in "the rabbit was burrowing into the side of the hill".

Cis forCairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is the largest city in Africa, with a population of 7.67 million with another 10 million living near the city.
Photo of a man with cornrows

Cis forCornrow

Cornrows are a type of braid where your hair is braided into thin rows close to your scalp.
Photo of a crow

Cis forCrow

Scientific name: genus: corvus
Crows are a medium sized pure black bird related to the magpie. They are very intelligent, but are not usually kept as pets. They eat dead animals they find, and insects.
Photo of plants growing

Gis forGrow

Growing is the process of something getting bigger, naturally. Plants and animals start off small and grow as they get older. Animals stop growing when they become an adult while most plants keep growing. Other things that can grow are crystals and stalactites.
Photo of a superhero

His forHero

A hero is someone who is very brave and does good deeds that other people can't. Superheros are a special kind of hero that have powers that help them do things like fight crime. Superheros tend to wear costumes. A female hero is called a heroine.
Scientific name: genus: cucurbita
A marrow is another name for a vegetable in the squash family. Marrows come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes.