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Photo of a venus fly trap.

Words that rhyme with -ap

List of words that end with a "ap " sound

Photo of bubblewrap
Bubble wrap is a packing material that is made from thin plastic with bubbles of air through it. Bubble wrap bubbles come in lots of different sizes, for protecting large or small items in the mail.
Photo of someone wearing a cap

Cis forCap

A cap is a soft hat with the brim only at the front. Some people like to wear their caps backwards.

Cis forCatflap

A cat flap is a small door, often cut through a larger door, that is just the right size for a cat to go through. The flap part of the cat flap is a small door, hinged at the top, so the cat can go through but wind and insects can't.
Photo of a cowboy wearing chaps

Cis forChaps

Chaps are a leather garment worn over pants. They only cover the legs, and have no bottom or crotch. They are usually worn by cowboys, to protect them from rope burn or being scratched while riding through thorny bushes. Chaps are usually made from leather, and modern chaps as seen at rodeos can be very bright and colorful.
Photo of a baby clapping

Cis forClap

Clapping is when you bring your hands together to make a loud noise. People often clap after a performance to show that they liked it.
Photo of a flapping bird

Fis forFlap

You flap something when you move it backwards and forwards around a hinge point. Birds flap their wings to fly, people flap their arms for fun and a loose window shutter will flap in the wind.
Photo of a gap

Gis forGap

A gap is a small space between two things, or a small break in something continuous like a fence. A gap can be measured in distance, like the gap between the two buildings in the picture, or it can be measured in time. For example, some people take a gap year between school and university.
Photo of a boy with a cat on his lap

Lis forLap

Your lap is a place that only exists when you sit down. It is the place on the top of your thighs when you have your knees lifted up. The boy in the photo has a cat on his lap. A lap is also a full circuit of something - for example, you may run a lap around the school oval.
Photo of a boy reading a map

Mis forMap

A map is a special drawing of a place that helps you find your way around. A map can be of the entire world, a city, one small town, or even just one building.