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Photo of a cellphone

List of abbreviations

Words that are short for something else.

Photo of some advertisements.

Ais forAd

Ad is short for advertisement.
A written ad lib.

Ais forAd lib

Ad lib is an abbreviation of the phrase ad libitum, which is Latin meaning "at one's pleasure." When you ad lib you are improvising or making something up without any preparation.
Photo of an ATM

Ais forATM

An ATM is an Automatic Teller Machine. You put your keycard or credit card into it to deposit or withdraw money.

Bis forBike

Bike is short for bicycle. More people use the short form bike than the long form bicycle.
Photo of a BMW badge

Bis forBMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, shortened to BMW, is a German car maker that also make motorbikes and engines.
Photo of a baby

Bis forBub

Bub is a short form of baby.
Photo of a budgerigar

Bis forBudgie

Budgie is a short form of budgerigar.

Cis forCan't

Can't is a contraction of "can not".