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Photo of a wooden hatch

List of openings

Doors and windows, in houses and ships and many other things!

Cis forCatflap

A cat flap is a small door, often cut through a larger door, that is just the right size for a cat to go through. The flap part of the cat flap is a small door, hinged at the top, so the cat can go through but wind and insects can't.
Photo of a door

Dis forDoor

A door is a way of closing off the entrance to something else, like the entrance to a house or room. Doors can be made of wood, steel or glass. You can lock some doors so that no-one can go through them.
A grate is a piece of metal with holes in it that is used as a lid or some other covering over a larger hole. The main purpose of a grate is to let liquids through, but stop solids getting through. Grates are usually used over drains. Very large grates like the one in the picture are strong enough for cars to drive over, while still letting water drain away. You may also be interested in grating food.
Photo of a wooden hatch
A hatch is a small doorway, often leading into a ceiling or underfloor space, but can be found in walls too.
Photo of some jars with lids

Lis forLid

A lid is something that is used to keep a container of some sort closed. You see lids everywhere. Soda and soft drink bottles have lids, jars have lids, some boxes have lids, and even some furniture like trunks have lids.
Photo of a manhole

Mis forManhole

A manhole is a hole just large enough for an adult man to fit through. Manholes are generally used to access sewers.
Photo of a porthole.

Pis forPorthole

A porthole is a small, round window typically seen on ships. Any small, round window on a building or anything else is also given the name porthole. Portholes on ships may not always be able to be opened. When they can, they must have a watertight seal.
Photo of a trapdoor

Tis forTrapdoor

A trapdoor is a kind of door that is in a floor rather than in a wall. Trapdoors usually lead to basements or cellars.

Vis forVent

A vent is an opening that lets air in or out of a building. Vents might let air flow through naturally, or have air pushed through them by a fan or air conditioner.
Photo of a window

Wis forWindow

A window is a structure put through the side of a house so the people inside can see out. Windows are usually made of glass so that sunlight can get in but the cold and wind can't.