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Photo of some spanners.

List of tools

Tools for making things, and for cleaning around the house. Sometimes you need the cleaning tools because you made a mess with the making tools!

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Photo of an angle grinder
An angle grinder, also called a side grinder or disc grinder is a device used for cutting or polishing very hard substances like metal and stone.
Photo of an anvil.

Ais forAnvil

An anvil is a hard object designed for working hot metal on. Anvils are made of steel, but in ancient times they were made of stone or bronze. The anvil is the shape it is to make it easier to work different shaped metal objects.

Ais forAxe

The axe, also spelt ax, is one of the oldest tools known to mankind. Axes have been used for thousands of years to split logs, cut down trees and shape wood.

Bis forBolt

A bolt is very similar to a screw but a bolt goes right through whatever you are using it to fasten, and out the other side. The thread on the bolt sticks out the other side and you screw on a nut and washer to hold the bolt tight.
Photo of a broom

Bis forBroom

A broom is a brush on the end of a long stick that is used for sweeping loose dirt off a floor. Brooms do not work very well on carpeted floors so most people use vacuum cleaners instead.
Photo of a man using a chainsaw

Cis forChainsaw

A chainsaw is a tool made for cutting wood. Chainsaws work best on fresh wood, and are often used for cutting down trees. The end of the chainsaw has a chain of cutting blades looped around it, and when the chainsaw is turned on the chain moves around in its loop very fast. Chainsaws are very dangerous tools and should be used with care.
Photo of a chisel

Cis forChisel

A chisel has a sharp edge at one end. It is used for carving or cutting something hard like wood, stone, or metal. Chisels are usually used by hitting them on the end of the handle with a hammer to force them into whatever you are trying to cut.
Photo of a clamp

Cis forClamp

A clamp is a device that is used to hold something tightly. Clamps can be used to hold things such as two pieces of wood together so that they can be worked on without them slipping apart. You often clamp materials together after they are glued, to stop any movement before the glue has completely dried. Clamping generally means something means holding it so that it cannot move.

Dis forDrill

A drill is a small machine you hold in your hand. You use it to drill holes in things, or to screw things together or unscrew them. You can change what you can do with a drill by changing the bit that spins around at the end of the drill. Most drill bits are just a thin, sharp rod that spins around to make holes, but some bits are the same as the end of a screwdriver that you can use on different sized screws.
Photo of a roll of duct tape
Duct tape, also called duck tape, is a type of cloth-backed tape that is often coated with plastic on the non-sticky side. Duct tape is extremely strong and sticky, and can be used to repair a huge variety of things. Some people make things like clothing out of duct tape.