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Photo of a mother and baby.

Words that rhyme with -ther

List of words that end with a "ther " sound

Photo of a black panther.
A black panther is simply a leopard that is very dark. If you look closely, you can still see the spots.
Photo of a little boy

Bis forBrother

Your brother is a boy who has the same mother or father as you do.
Photo of a father and son

Fis forFather

Your father is your male parent. Your father is usually the man who is married to (or lives with) your mother, but sometimes people's fathers do not live with their mothers.
Photo of a feather

Fis forFeather

While people and animals are covered in hair, birds are covered in feathers. Feathers are very light and the feathers in a bird's wings are especially designed so the bird can fly.

Gis forGather

You gather things when you bring several of them to the same place. A gathering of friends is a group of friends getting together. The person in the picture has gathered a handful of berries.

Gis forGathered

Fabric is gathered together by stitching it in such a way that it bunches together, like you see in the picture. Skirts are often gathered onto a waistband. Gathering also means collecting things together - see gather.
Your grandfather is the father of your mother or father. Some other names for Grandfather are Grandpa, Gramps, Opa or Pop.
Photo of a grandmother.
Your grandmother is the mother of your mother or father. Some other names for Grandmother are Grandma, Nana, Granny, Oma, Baba or Nan.

His forHeather

Scientific name: calluna vulgaris
Heather is a low growing, shrubby wild plant commonly found on the moors of Europe. It is is very tolerant of burning, clearing and grazing.
Photo of leather

Lis forLeather

Leather is a substance made from tanned animal skins, usually cow skins. The tanning process makes skin stronger, harder and means it will last a lot longer. Leather is used to make shoes, belts, bags, saddles and other horse related gear, some furniture and many other things.