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Photo of an old man.

List of family members

All the members of your immediate and extended family. You might also be interested in titles that people can have.

Ais forAunt

Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father.

Bis forBoy

A boy is a young, male person.
Photo of a little boy

Bis forBrother

Your brother is a boy who has the same mother or father as you do.
Photo of three cousins on the beach.

Cis forCousin

Your cousins are the children of your aunts and uncles. They can be either boys or girls.
Photo of a father and son

Dis forDad

Dad is an informal word for father.
Photo of a mother and daughter on the beach

Dis forDaughter

Your daughter is your female child. A male child is called a son.
Photo of a happy family.

Fis forFamily

The traditional family unit is a mother, a father and some children, living together. There are a lot of different variations today.
Photo of a father and son

Fis forFather

Your father is your male parent. Your father is usually the man who is married to (or lives with) your mother, but sometimes people's fathers do not live with their mothers.
An engaged couple call one another fiance.

Fis forFiance

Fiance is a word used to describe someone you're engaged to marry. Fiance is the step above boyfriend or girlfriend and below husband or wife.

Gis forGirl

A girl is a young, female person.