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Photo of fish.

Words that rhyme with -ish

List of words that end with a "ish " sound

Anglerfish are small, predatory fish. They have one or more long, thin, flexible spines on their heads with a fleshy lump at the end. They can move this spine around and dangle the lump like bait in front of their mouths. Anglerfish are fairly rare and have an unusual way of reproducing. Male anglerfish are much smaller than females, and when they are mature they bite onto a female and then wither away to nothing but reproductive organs. They live like parasites on the female's bloodstream.

Bis forBritish

Something is British if it relates to Britain, or the United Kingdom. A person from Britain is British.
Photo of a catfish

Cis forCatfish

Scientific name: order: siluriformes
Catfish are named because they look like they have cat whiskers. They live at the bottom of rivers and lakes, and sometimes in coastal waters too. Most catfish eat dead matter they find at the bottom of waterways. Catfish range in size from very tiny to 10 feet long.
Photo of a crayfish

Cis forCrayfish

Crayfish look like a small lobster and are found in fresh water like lakes, streams and rivers. There are many different varieties of crayfish. Crayfish are also called crawfish, crawdad or yabbies. They can be eaten in the same way as lobsters.
Photo of a cuttlefish
Scientific name: order: sepiida
Cuttlefish are not fish, but are a type of mollusc related to squid and octopi. Cuttlefish have three hearts, blue-green blood and a single bone inside them. You often see cuttle bones being given to budgerigars. They can change colour to camouflage with the environment around them. Cuttlefish are caught as food and prepared in a similar way to squid.
Photo of a danish pastry

Dis forDanish

Danish describes anything relating to Denmark, people from Denmark, the language spoken in Denmark and a kind of pastry.
Photo of a building being demolished

Dis forDemolish

You demolish something when you take it apart until there is nothing left. When you say demolish, you usually mean a building being demolished.
A plate is a type of dish.

Dis forDish

A dish is a tool or container used for serving food, such as a plate, bowl, or cup. Dish is also another word for a part of a meal.
Photo of some typed English writing

Eis forEnglish

English is a language spoken in a lot of different countries. Some countries have slightly different varieties of English, from how words are said to how they are spelled.

Fis forFinish

You finish something when you reach the end of it. The woman in the picture is finishing a race. The opposite of finish is start. Similar words to finish are complete and end.