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Photo of mint.

Words that rhyme with -int

List of words that end with a "int " sound

Photo of Clint Eastwood

Cis forClint

Clint is a shortened form of Clinton. The man in the picture is Clint Eastwood.
If you look closely at the ends of your fingers you will be able to see lots of small lines in your skin. Whenever you touch something, the oil on your skin means you leave a mark of these lines, called a fingerprint. Everyone has different fingerprints, and at a crime scene the police will be looking for fingerprints so they can try and find out who was there.

Lis forLint

Lint is a collection of very short fabric fibers that have broken off clothing and linen as it is being used. Lint tends to collect inside washing machines, dryers, the inside of pockets and even in your belly button.
Photo of mint

Mis forMint

Scientific name: family: mentha
Mint is a family of small plants with a strong taste and smell. It is used most often to make tea, jellies and sweets or candy. Most chewing gums, toothpastes and breath fresheners are mint flavoured. Fresh mint can be added to drinks, salads or as a garnish on many meals. Mint is often used in sweets, biscuits or cookies along with chocolate. The leaves of the mint are used for their flavour, either fresh or dried. The flavour is carried in oil in the leaves, and the very strongly flavoured oil can be extracted and stored for later use. Mint is an easy plant to grow. It prefers a lightly shaded spot with good, moist soil but will grow almost anywhere under almost any conditions. It grows a vigorous root system that can spread very fast. Mint is best grown in a pot so it doesn't invade the rest of the garden. You can grow new mint plants by taking a cutting of a mint runner. Just digging down a little at the edge of a clump of mint should loosen up a runner that already has roots, and can be clipped off and used to grow a new plant.

Sis forSkint

Skint is a slang word for poor. If you only have a few coins, you can say you're skint.

Sis forSquint

You squint when you look at something with your eyes partly closed. People often squint when they are out in bright sunshine, or are looking at some other bright light.