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Photo of a cow.

Words that rhyme with -ow

List of words that end with a "ow " sound

Bis forBissau

Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. The population of Bissau is 395,954 people.
Photo of tree branches

Bis forBough

A bough is another word for a tree branch.
Bowing is a way of greeting or acknowledging someone, or a mark of respect. You bow by lowering the top half of your body. In some countries, you can bow just by lowering your head.
Photo of the bow of a ship
The bow of a ship is the front end. It is easy to remember the bow as the pointy end of the ship, and the stern is the back or blunt end.
Man with a prominent brow.

Bis forBrow

Your brow is the ridge over your eyes that protects them from sun, sweat and dust. The hair that grows there is called the eyebrow.
Photo of a cow.

Cis forCow

Scientific name: bos primigenius
The cow is a large animal that is kept for its milk and meat. The meat from a cow is called bull and a baby cow is a calf.
Photo of an eyebrow

Eis forEyebrow

You have two eyebrows, one above each eye. An eyebrow is a strip of hair between your forehead and your eye socket. Eyebrows help to stop sweat running from your forehead into your eyes.

Mis forMacau

Macau is an administrative region of China, and was once a Portuguese colony. People in Macau speak Chinese and Portuguese. Macau is only 29.5 square kilometers, or 11.39 square miles.
Photo of a cat meowing.

Mis forMeow

A meow is a sound a cat makes.
Photo of the Palauan flag

Pis forPalau

Palau is an island nation north of Australia. The capital of Palau is Melekeok.