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Photo of shoes.

Words that rhyme with -ooz

List of words that end with a "ooz " sound

Photo of an accusing finger

Ais forAccuse

You accuse someone when you declare that they have done something bad, for example you accuse someone of committing a crime. A similar word to accuse is blame.

Bis forBooze

Booze is a slang term for any alcoholic drink, particularly whiskey.

Bis forBruise

When you fall and hurt yourself or hit yourself hard on something else, you often get a dark purple or blue bruise. A bruise happens when the blood vessels under your skin get broken and you bleed under your skin. Bruises can take several days to go away.
Photo of some cakes

Cis forChoose

You choose something when you pick it from several different options. For example, if you are asked to choose a cake from the selection in the picture, you might choose the chocolate one.
Photo of a cruise ship

Cis forCruise

A cruise is a trip you take on a ship just for fun and pleasure.

Fis forFuse

A fuse is a device made of a strip of wire that melts and stops an electric current if it is unsafe.
Photo of a lost teddy bear

Lis forLose

If you lose something, you do not know where it is. If you are lost, you do not know where you are. The picture is of a teddy bear someone has lost. Lose is not the same as loose. The opposite of lose is find or win. The past tense of lose is lost.
Photo of oozing jam

Ois forOoze

A liquid oozes when it comes out of something else slowly. The sandwich in the picture is oozing jam.
Reusable water bottles.

Ris forReuse

Reuse means to use something again. For example, portable water bottles are made to be reusable.

Sis forShoes

Shoes is the plural of shoe. Since shoes come in pairs you are more likely to say "my shoes" than "my shoe".