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Photo of a trophy

List of competitive words

Whether you win or lose, this category has the words to say how it went.

Ais forAchieve

Achieve means to complete or accomplish a task or goal successfully. A team works together to achieve more than each member of the team could do individually.
Photo of a girl holding an award

Ais forAward

An award is something you are given if you have done something special, such as an act of bravery, being academically excellent, or winning a competition.
A competition is where two or more people try and be the best at something. The 'something' can be literally anything that can be judged on some critera of quality, like writing a story, running a race, baking a cake, or growing vegetables, like in the picture. There is usually some kind of prize for winning a competition.

Fis forFirst

Something is first if it comes before all other things. When you win a race you come first. The picture shows the first of four candles alight.

Lis forLast

Something is last if it is after all other things. For example, if you are at the end of a line of people you are last in the queue. The picture is of the last bowling pin in a bowling game.
Photo of a lost teddy bear

Lis forLose

If you lose something, you do not know where it is. If you are lost, you do not know where you are. The picture is of a teddy bear someone has lost. Lose is not the same as loose. The opposite of lose is find or win. The past tense of lose is lost.

Mis forMedal

A medal is a small metal disk, usually round but sometimes in the shape of a cross or star. Medals are given to someone who has done something special, or as a prize for winning a competition.
Photo of a prize winning painting

Pis forPrize

A prize is something you get given when you win a competition. A prize may be a special ribbon like in the picture, a trophy, or some money.

Sis forScore

A score is a record of the number of points, goals or similar made by one side during a game or competition. What you keep score of depends on the game being played. Scores are usually kept track of on a scoreboard, with a score for each of the teams shown on the board.

Tis forTrophy

A trophy is something you are given when you win something like a competition. In war or when you are hunting, a trophy is something you take to prove your victory. In hunting, a trophy might be the head of an animal you killed, and in war it might be some possessions from the people you conquered.