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Words starting with U

Words that start with U

Upside-down unicorns under an ultramarine umbrella.

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Unreal desserts.

Uis forUnreal

Unreal means that something is not real. An unreal thing can be fake or imaginary.
Photo of a man doing something unsafe

Uis forUnsafe

Something is unsafe if it has a high risk of danger. The man in the picture has chosen an unsafe way to reach the roof he is working on. Unsafe is the opposite of safe.
Photo of a man with his shirt untucked

Uis forUntucked

Something is untucked if the loose edge of something is flapping and is not held in place. The man in the picture has his shirt untucked. Untucked is the opposite of tucked.

Uis forUnusual

Something is unusual if it is not what you expect for something of that kind. Something unusual is not ordinary. The person in the picture is wearing an unusual hat.

Uis forUnwise

Unwise means foolish or stupid. The opposite of unwise is wise.
Photo of a zip being unzipped

Uis forUnzip

Unzip is a word that means opening up a zipper.
Photo of someone up a ladder

Uis forUp

Up is a direction. You go up when you go higher. The person in the picture has just climbed up the ladder and is now sitting at the top. The opposite of up is down.

Uis forUpdate

Update means to add new features or corrections to an existing product, such as a computer, phone, or website.

Uis forUproot

A tree is uprooted when it falls down with its roots attached, like in the picture. Trees are usually uprooted by storms.
Photo of an upset toddler

Uis forUpset

You upset something when you disturb it. You can upset your stomach by eating bad food, or you can upset a pile of something by knocking it over. But when most people say upset they mean to disturb someone's emotions, which often makes them sad and agitated. The child in the picture is upset.