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Photo of a net.

Words that rhyme with -et

List of words that end with a "et " sound

Photo of a banquet

Bis forBanquet

A banquet is a very large formal dinner, usually with several courses, that is served to a large number of people at once. A less formal large dinner for many people is called a feast.
Photo of a basket

Bis forBasket

A basket is a container that is woven, in a process called wickerwork. Baskets can be made from thin willow branches, bamboo, plastic or wire.
Photo of a baby in a bassinet

Bis forBassinet

A bassinet (sometimes spelt bassinette) is a small bed for babies that are under a few months old. When babies are older they usually sleep in an infant bed.

Bis forBlanket

The girl in the picture is lying in bed under a blanket. Blankets are big, thick, warm pieces of cloth that you usually have on your bed. Many people knit or crochet blankets.

Bis forBracelet

A bracelet is something pretty that you wear around your wrist.
Photo of a brunette woman

Bis forBrunette

A brunette is someone who has black or brown hair.
Photo of a red bucket.

Bis forBucket

A bucket is a deep container with a flat bottom, a handle and no lid. Buckets are used for carrying things like water, dirt or fruit.
Photo of a calculator and pen

Bis forBudget

A budget is a document where you keep track of the amount of money you have coming in and going out. You might make a budget to keep track of your expenses when you are trying to save up to buy something.

Bis forBullet

A bullet is a small, heavy, pointed object that is fired from a gun at high speed. Bullets are made mostly from lead coated in copper. The reason they are coated is because lead has a relatively low melting point, and in some guns the bullets come out of the gun so hot the lead melts. Copper has a higher melting point. Bullets existed before guns, and were much rounder and made of lead or were just small round stones. They were used in slingshots.

Cis forCarpet

A carpet is a soft, usually fluffy surface that is put down on floors. Carpet usually means something that covers the entire floor, but can sometimes mean a smaller rug. Sometimes people call carpet broadloom carpet or wall-to-wall carpet. Carpets make the floor feel soft and warm.