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Photo of an ice skate

Words that rhyme with -ate

List of words that end with a "ate " sound

An abbreviation of the phrase et cetera.
Abbreviate means to shorten a word or phrase. For example, the phrase et cetera is abbreviated to etc.
Photo of polished agate

Ais forAgate

Agates are a common variety of brightly coloured quartz. They come in a range of colours depending on the mineral impurities they contain, and can be used in jewelry.

Ais forAte

Ate is the past tense of eat.
Photo of a baited fish hook.

Bis forBait

Bait is something, usually food, that is used to attract animals so you can catch them. You can use bait to attract anything that moves. Fish hooks are baited with worms or pieces of smaller fish. mouse traps are baited with cheese or peanut butter.
Photo of a fizzy drink up close.
A drink is carbonated if it has carbon dioxide gas dissolved into it. Carbon dioxide will only dissolve under pressure, so fizzy drinks tend to be slightly pressurised in their bottles. When you open the bottle and release the pressure, the carbon dioxide comes out of the drink in a big rush of bubbles and makes the drink fizzy.
Chocolate is made from the fermented, roasted seeds of the tropical cacao tree. The seeds are used to make cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Chocolate is used to make a huge variety of sweets, desserts, cakes and drinks. Modern chocolate usually comes in dark, milk and white chocolate. All three of them have sugar added. Milk chocolate has milk added to it, and white chocolate doesn't have cocoa solids in it, only cocoa butter.
Photo of a child concentrating
You are concentrating on something if you are completely focussed on it, and have blocked out all other distractions. People usually concentrate when they are doing something complicated that requires them to think hard without being interrupted.
Photo of two wooden crates.

Cis forCrate

Crates are square wooden or plastic boxes that are used to store things in. They are mainly used for transporting goods in.
Scientific name: phoenix dactylifera
Dates are the fruit of the date palm. Dates are about 2 inches long, and very sweet. They are usually sold dried, with their seed removed. Dates are common in Middle Eastern food, and are the main ingredient of sticky date pudding.
When you like someone, you might ask them out on a date to somewhere nice like a restaurant.