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Photo of thighs.

Words that rhyme with -ize

List of words that end with a "ize " sound

Photo of a clock
Anticlockwise, or counterclockwise is a circular direction around a central point, in the opposite direction to the way the hands on a clock turn. Anticlockwise goes towards the left.
Photo of a capsized boat

Cis forCapsize

A boat is capsized when it has flipped upside down or onto its side, and can't be sailed until it is righted.
Photo of a clock
Clockwise is a circular direction around a central point, the same way the hands on a clock turn. Clockwise goes towards the right.
Photo of a crying baby

Cis forCries

Cries is the plural of cry, for example "I heard the cries of the baby next door."

Dis forDisguise

A disguise is something you wear to make yourself look like someone or something else. The man in the photo is in his 20s and is disguised as a much older man, with makeup, glasses and a false moustache.
Photo of a woman exercising

Eis forExercise

Exercising is doing physical activity for the main reason of keeping you fit and healthy. Exercising keeps your muscles strong and flexible. If you don't exercise enough, or you eat too much (or both), you can get fat.
Photo of an eye

Eis forEyes

Eyes is the plural of eye.

Fis forFlies

Flies is the plural of fly, or indicates that something is flying. The cow in the picture has a lot of flies on its face.
Something is galvanized if it is covered in a thin coating of zinc. Steel is galvanized to stop it from rusting. Not to be confused with corrugated.
You hypnotize someone by putting them into a state where you have strong influence or even full control over them.