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Words starting with F

Words that start with F

Five fat friendly frogs following four flamingoes to the factory.

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Photo of false teeth

Fis forFalse

Something is false if it is not true, is not correct, or is wrong. Sometimes an imitation of something real is called false, for example false teeth.
Photo of a happy family.

Fis forFamily

The traditional family unit is a mother, a father and some children, living together. There are a lot of different variations today.

Fis forFamous

Someone or something is famous if a lot of people have heard of them. Famous people are often seen on TV and in movies, while famous places have a lot of people visit them.
A fan is a person who admires or cheers for something he or she has a strong interest in.
Photo of an electric fan
A fan is something with several blades that spin around when you turn it on. Fans are used to make a nice cool breeze when it is hot. Fans can also be used to suck air out of places like your kitchen or bathroom - this kind of fan is called an exhaust fan. Most electric fans have a cage around the blades so you do not hurt yourself or get your clothes caught on the blades.
A fan is something you hold in your hand, and you can wave it backwards and forwards to make a breeze of cool air over your face. This type of fan can be folded away so they are easy to store when you are not using them.

Fis forFang

Fangs are large, pointed teeth that meat-eating animals like dogs and cats have. Unlike tusks, fangs don't usually grow out of the animal's mouth.

Fis forFantasy

A fantasy is something you think up inside your head when you are awake. Fantasies tend to be things you want to do, and they usually aren't possible. Children often have fantasies about having magical powers.
Photo of a farm.

Fis forFarm

A farm is a large area owned by a farmer. On a farm, animals and crops are grown on a big scale. A farmer may have hundreds of acres of wheat and thousands of sheep or cows. Farms are where food is grown for all the people who live in cities all over the world. Farms can have many crops or just one or two. A farmer might have an apple farm, or a chicken farm instead of having lots of different things.

Fis forFarmer

A farmer is someone who owns and runs a farm. Farmers look after animals, plant big fields of crops and then harvest them, and generally do a lot of work starting very early in the day keeping everything on the farm running smoothly. Farmers usually live in the country a long way from the city so it can sometimes be lonely being a farmer.