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Words starting with F

Words that start with F

Five fat friendly frogs following four flamingoes to the factory.

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Photo of a farrier

Fis forFarrier

A farrier is someone who looks after horse's feet. They fit horseshoes, and trim and balance horse's hoofs so they are at their healthiest. They can also fix horse's feet when they are damaged.
Photo of a woman wearing a fascinator
Fascinators are small, decorative pieces of headgear usually worn by women. They are usually very pretty, and are worn to special events like weddings and to the racetrack.
Photo of a dog running very fast

Fis forFast

The dog in the picture is running very fast. Other things that move fast are racing cars, planes and some animals. The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah. Another word for fast is quick. The opposite of fast is slow.
Photo of a fat man sitting on a bench

Fis forFat

Someone is fat if they are much larger than they should be. People and animals that are too fat tend to be unhealthy. You usually get fat by eating too much food and not getting enough exercise. The opposite of fat is thin.
Photo of a father and son

Fis forFather

Your father is your male parent. Your father is usually the man who is married to (or lives with) your mother, but sometimes people's fathers do not live with their mothers.
Fats and oils are a group of substances that do not dissolve in water. Both fats and oils are the same kind of chemical, but generally something is called an oil if it is liquid at room temperature, and a fat if it is solid at room temperature. Some kinds of fats and oils are edible and can be used in cooking, while others are used as fuel for things like cars. The picture is of some stock cooling, and quite clearly shows a layer of fat sitting above the watery stock.
Photo of a faucet.

Fis forFaucet

A faucet or tap is a device you usually find on a washbasin, sink or in your garden. when you turn it on, water comes out. Faucets can have a lever you move up and down to turn them on and off, or a handle that you twist around. Usually faucets are found inside, and taps outside.
Photo of a wallaby

Fis forFauna

Fauna means animals, versus plants which are called flora. It is usually used when talking about animals in a particular area, for example "the native fauna of Australia".
Photo of a doe and fawn.

Fis forFawn

A fawn is a baby deer.
A fax machine.

Fis forFax

A fax is an image or a document that has been scanned through a machine and a copy transmitted from one telephone number to another.