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List of foods that start with T

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Photo of tacos
Photo by Steven DePolo

Tacos are a Mexican dish made from a wheat or corn tortilla wrapped around a filling. The fillings are usually spiced ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese. Some kinds of taco have a hard shell rather than a soft one.

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Tahini is a paste made from ground up sesame seeds. It is a major ingredient in hummus.

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Photo of tamarinds
Photo by Ton Rulkens
Scientific name: tamarindus indica

Tamarind is a tropical tree that grows fruit in pods. Tamarinds are used as an ingredient in a number of sauces, chutneys and in numerous other dishes.

Photo of tangerines
Photo by Ryan Abel
Scientific name: citrus tangerina

Tangerines are a very sweet citrus fruit closely related to the mandarin. They are easy to peel and break into segments.

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Photo of tarragon
Photo by Foodista
Scientific name: artemisia dracunculus

Tarragon, or dragon's wort, is a soft, green plant used mainly in French cooking. Tarragon has an interesting flavour that is a little like anise.

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Photo of a blueberry tart
Photo by Steve Pomeroy

A tart or flan is a dish made with a pastry casing with no lid and a filling inside. The filling is usually sweet and may contain fruit but can also be meat-based.
A tart with a lid is called a pie.

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Photo of a cup of tea
Photo by Laurel Fan

Tea is a drink made by steeping dried leaves from the tea plant (camellia sinensis) in hot water. Different types of tea may have different flavours depending on how the tea leaves were treated as they are dried. Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. Tea can be served plain, hot, cold, and with or without milk and sugar.
Some things that do not have leaves from the tea plant in them are also called tea. These teas are made from other plants and fruits and are served the same way ordinary tea is.

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Photo of thyme
Photo by Isaac Wedin
Scientific name: thymus vulgaris

Thyme (said like "time") is a small, woody plant with lots of tiny leaves. It grows all year around, and gets tiny pink flowers in the spring. It has a very strong smell, and is used to flavour meat, soups and stews. Some varieties of thyme are lemon scented and can be used in dishes that need a hint of lemon.
Thyme can be grown from seed, cuttings, or just digging up parts of the plant that have already grown roots. When thyme spreads, branches that touch the ground grow roots at that point and are easy to separate. It likes to grow in a hot sunny spot, and can tolerate very heavy frosts and drought. It is a perfect rockery plant.

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Photo of toast
Photo by Alex Brown

Toast is bread that has been heated until it is warm, crispy and slightly burnt on the outside. Toast can be eaten plain or it can have something like butter, jam, marmalade or honey spread on it.

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Photo of a hot toddy
Photo by James Whatley

A toddy is an alcoholic drink served hot, and sometimes served spiced.

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