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Photo of toast.

Words that rhyme with -oast

List of words that end with a "oast " sound

Photo of a coastline

Cis forCoast

The coast is where land meets the sea. Some other words you can use instead of coast are shore and beach.
Photo of a ghost

Gis forGhost

In stories, a ghost is the spirit of a person who has died. You might dress up like a scary ghost for Halloween.
Photo of a lamp post
A lamp post is a post with a light on the top. They are generally outside, so people can see their way around in the dark.
Photo of fence posts

Pis forPost

A post is a vertical piece of wood or metal that is used to make something from. Posts are most often used to make fences out of.
Photo of some roasted meat

Ris forRoast

Something is roasted if it is cooked for a long time over dry heat, like in an oven or over a fire. Meat and vegetables are both roasted either whole or in large pieces.
Photo of toast

Tis forToast

Toast is bread that has been heated until it is warm, crispy and slightly burnt on the outside. Toast can be eaten plain or it can have something like butter, jam, marmalade or honey spread on it.