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List of foods that start with W

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Photo of waffles
Photo by Montage Man

A waffle is a thin cake made from batter in a special device called a waffle iron. Waffle irons usually have a distinctive pattern on them.
Waffles are sweet, and are usually eaten for breakfast with melted butter, syrup or jam.
Waffle is also the name given to a pattern that looks like a waffle, which is sometimes found on knitted clothing and blankets.

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Photo of walnuts
Photo by Drumecho
Scientific name: juglans regia

Walnuts are the seeds of a large tree that is also grown for its wood. The most common walnut tree is originally from Iran (Persia). Walnuts can be eaten raw or used in cooking, especially in fruit cakes and sweet desserts.

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Photo of a glass of water
Photo by Gideon

Water is the simplest thing you can drink, and is the best for you. All other drinks are just water with something else added to them. Your body is made up of more than half water, so if you don't drink enough you will dry out and become dehydrated.

Scientific name: citrullus lanatus

The watermelon is the fruit of a vine originally from South Africa. The fruit can be very big, and has a hard green rind with very juicy, sweet red flesh inside, full of black seeds. Watermelons are wonderful to eat fresh on a hot summer's day.

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Whey is the thin liquid that is created when milk is clotted into curds, as a part of the cheese-making process.

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Whiskey is a strong alcoholic drink made from fermented grain. Different kinds of grains can be used, such as barley, malted barley, wheat, rye or maize. Whiskey gets some of its flavour from the wooden barrels it is matured in.

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Photo of a glass of wine
Photo by Sonja Pieper

Wine is made by fermenting the juice of grapes. Fermentation makes a drink alcoholic. Alcohol is a substance that can make you feel very good and happy if you drink a little bit of it, but you get drunk if you drink too much. Wine is a drink that is only for adults.

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